A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game for My First Game Jam, July 2016.

Even with two weeks I wound up with very little free time to do much, so this is just a brief click-through prologue. It's super-short, just a few screens, but it's more than I've ever done. I'd definitely like to work on it some more once I'm able. I may even give it a real name!

For what it's worth, the initial premise is: You are visiting a favorite relative in a small-ish foreign town. After lunch near her job, you decide to go back to her place on your own, but you fall asleep on the bus and in your confusion, wind up getting off way too early. The next bus isn't for a couple of hours, so you decide to walk. You have to interact with the locals in order to find your way, but that will be a little difficult when you can't speak the language.

Made with Ren'py.


Placeholder-1.0-all.zip 29 MB